Glass tubes and glass rods

Glass tubes and glass rods for all sectors and is used from Medico to design

Mirit Glas has a large and well-assorted stocks of tubes and rods in glass, and we process these to order.

Due to our versatile selection of goods, Mirit Glas is supplying glass to businesses from laboratories and industry to design companies. The glasses are mainly used for industrial processes, including oil and sight flow indicators in ships, tanks, compressors. Our selection of tubes make it possible to monitor the process and are suitable in many different types of production environments. We can find the tube or rod, that fits your solution. Whether it is a normal tube or a for example a tube used for sight glass in the form of a gauge glass.

In design, glass tubes are used, among other things, for lighting – both for electronic lighting and for candles..

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In short

  • Can be used for industrial processes
  • Can be used for electronic lighting and for candles
  • Can be heat shaped for special needs
  • Delivered according to individual needs, e.g. with drilled holes, cutouts and
  • special edging
  • Fast delivery on glass tubes from ø3 mm – ø400 mm

Properties and functions of the glass

As standard, we have a wide range of sizes and thicknesses in borosilicate glass (also known as Pyrex, Tempax, Simax and Duran) in stock. Without compromising on quality we have quick delivery of Borosilicate glass tubes and rods which can both withstand high heat and aggressive chemicals.

Mirit Glas is stock leader in glass tubes from ø3 mm – ø400 mm. Tubes and rods made of borosilicate glass have many different applications, as the glass is resistant to chemicals and temperature differences.

Tubes and rods are also available as quartz tubes and tubes in soda-lime glass (ordinary glass). We can also have capillary tubes and offer certain tubes in rectangular shapes.


We supply glass tubes and glass rods according to individual needs, e.g. with drilled holes, cutouts and special edge machining. Tubes and rods can be hot-worked if a special shape is desired. We can also fabricate level gauge glass.

Mirit Glas delivers to destinations throughout the Nordics and when it is urgent, we also offer same-day delivery. If you want to hear more about if our glass products can be the right solution for you, contact us. We will find the right solution for your needs.

Glasrør og glasstænger – til erhverv og industri

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