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In our old archive we look back at our history. We have found a couple of historical magazine articles abou Mirit Glas through the times. Click on the pictures to see the old magazines (The articles are in danish only).

Mirit Glas is still one of the Nordic region’s leading glass fabricators. If you are interested to get information about how we can create solutions for you, you are more than welcome to contact us.

In the MIRIT process, the glass is exposed to very strong stress

First, the glass is heated to near the critical temperature, and then compressed air cooling “freezes” the glass.

This “interweaves” the glass through a series of strong stresses – it becomes prestressed – which increases the breaking strength of the glass up to 3-10 times the original. That the glass has undergone the MIRIT process can be checked by looking at it in polarized light, where the fine stress lines becomes visible…


The first glass tempering plant in Denmark

Visit to a small industrial company that serves as a beautiful symbol of the hopes of Danish industry and the men behind in 1955. How ordinary glass is transformed and tempered using electric heat and cold air…



In our trade magazine for September 1955, Denmark’s first glass tempering company – which under modest conditions was started in the artisan town of Valby by civil engineer Annard Michelsen – was mentioned. We now mention the factory again, because by moving to a new building in Herlev, the factory has increased its capacity quite significantly…


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