ISO 9001 Certification

Mirit Glas is ISO 9001: 2015 certified

By meeting today’s standards, we make our customers more competitive .

ISO 9001-certifikat fra Intertek

The modern world requires a focus on quality and quality management. Therefore, Mirit Glas has taken the step to become ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

Our customers demand solutions that are specially adapted to them, and here Mirit Glas can make a difference.
Our customers often demand special glass to be used in special circumstances. This means that our consultants must have clarified exactly in which situation the glass should be used. Should the glass be able to withstand large temple temperature differences? Should it be able to withstand strong chemistry? Should the glass be bent or cut into a special shape?
When almost every order is very different from the previous one, it makes good sense to focus on quality management. Our ISO certification has given us the tools to do that.

Precise specifications

First and foremost , our consultants , in collaboration with the customers, focus on clarifying exactly which glass the customer needs – that is, what dimensions and properties the glass must have. Many times it requires a thorough dialogue because a glass is not always just a glass. Sometimes a sight glass must also be a heating pane to prevent misting. Other glasses require precise processing to fit into the customer’s solution. Many of our glass solutions must also be supplied with a certificate documenting the specifications and properties of the glass.
Our focus on quality is also about production. Once our consultants have completed the dialogue with our customers, our production department takes over and manufactures exactly the glass solution the customer have ordered. The glass usually has to be either cut out, hardened, laminated, bent or processed in more than one way. In production, we work with both large orders, where many must be processed exactly the same, and with small orders, where the glass typically must be specially processed according to very special requirements for shape and durability.

Quality at all levels

With the ISO 9001: 2015 certification , we can document to – both the customers and ourselves – that we are in control of our quality. Both in production and sales. The certification shows that we are in control of our processes and routines, and that we can deliver glass in the quality that our customers demand . Whether it is chemically hardened, bent or laminated, we have quality-assured our processes so that we can supply glass to our customers, who, like us , operate in a modern world where we must agilely adapt our production as needed.

Teknisk ansvarlig Miriam

Our customers must be able to trust us

Director Jens Milbrat and technical assistant Miriam Hartmann have worked hard throughout 2020 to get Mirit Glas ISO 9001: 015 certified. The result of this work must benefit our customers. The ISO certification ensures that we continue to improve our routines and procedures so that we can maintain delivery security and quality.
β€œThe certification ensures that we continuously improve. We have a desire to be a reliable partner to our customers. We must deliver at the agreed time and the agreed quality. At the same time, with our ISO certification, we can now also deliver to a number of customers who require their suppliers to be ISO-certified,” explains director Jens Milbrat.
As a specialized glass supplier to the business community, Mirit Glas must be able to deliver the glass solutions that make a difference to customers. The work with the ISO certification means that Mirit Glas has now gained an even greater overview of production and can work even more rationally in the future.
It is specifically about – among other things – validating the growing machine park and ensuring that our CNC-controlled machines and robots continue to be able to deliver glass products of a uniformly high quality. Combined with the overview of our entire process from sales to production, it makes us a credible and stable partner.
The certification is together with the recent Food Contact Material approval (FCM), part of our efforts to be able to deliver the products, the documentation and the quality that customers demand.

Mirit Glas A/S ISO:2015 Certifikat dansk

This is how the improvements benefit customers

As a versatile and specialized supplier of glass solutions, ISO certification is a natural step for Mirit Glas. The certification ensures that we continue to provide our customers with the best quality – both in terms of processing, but also in terms of delivery speed and delivery security.

Along with certification specialist Intertek has Mirit Glas mapped routines and procedures to ensure that we can continue to keep the focus on quality when we deliver glass to our customers.

In practice, this means that we have an overview of the process from the first dialogue with the customers until the final glass is delivered.

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