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About Mirit Glas

We want to be the professional market’s preferred supplier of individual versatile glass solutions

Mirit Glas is more than a traditional production company: We are an order-producing service and trading company – with a long tradition – that delivers both large series and very small individual pieces. We have a versatile history with customers to prove this. We supply a wide range of versatile glass products, all of which are made to order. At the same time, our warehouse has the most well-assorted selection of glass raw materials in the Nordic region. Want to know more about what Mirit Glas can do for you?
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We see the solutions for our customers because we understand their specific needs. With solid knowledge of glass, our commitment and knowledge of the market, we are an innovative and creative sparring partner who, together with our customers, finds the optimal solutions. Should it happen that we cannot produce a specific task ourselves, we know someone who can. That is why our customers never go in vain.

As an order-producing supplier to the entire Nordic market, we know that flexibility is important. This applies to both the design of the order itself and the delivery time. Together with our customers we find the solution that suits them best.

Our CNC-controlled machine park has the capacity to produce all types of solutions. From prototypes to large series. At the same time we can fabricate sizes and numbers that are too small for lesser flexible manufacturers in the field of glass processing.
In addition, part of our production equipment is kept free for urgent deliveries.

High delivery reliability
We keep our promises. We deliver the agreed solution, at the agreed price and at the agreed time. With many years of experience with urgent deliveries, we have committed ourselves to deliver on time. The willingness to deliver on time is a foremost priority of our business.

Through three generations
Mirit Glas is a 100% privately owned company and was established as Denmark’s first glass tempering plant in 1952. Today we have our head office in Copenhagen and production in Southern Jutland.
In our production we use fully automatic CNC-controlled machines. We combine our craft with the use of the modern technology. We know the physiology and uses of glass. It is our craftsmanship tradition, our competencies and our knowledge, who have given Mirit Glas our reputation as the preferred subcontractor of individual versatile glass solutions to the professional market for three generations.

ISO certification

We are constantly working to improve our processes, values and procedures. In continuation of this, Mirit Glas has become ISO 9001 certified as well as we are approved to supply Food Contact Material (FCM).

ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management. It is used to implement, maintain and develop a quality management system to manage the company and ensure that the quality is in accordance with the specified requirements.

The ISO 9001 certification must, among other things, help to ensure effective management and structured customer dialogue, so that we can provide the best service to our customers.

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