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Glass production and processing of glass

At Mirit Glas, we specialize in the fabrication of industrial glass (glass production) and its processing. We are committed and passionate about delivering precision glass products that support our customers’ requirements. We can supply to a wide range of specific solutions and industries. We supply both unique pieces with special specifications and entire series of several thousand units. Our factory has specialists and technology that is unique in Denmark
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Characterized by deep professional knowledge combined with the latest technical possibilities we can help you find the glass solutions that fit your business. We understand that every customer is unique. Our goal is to fully understand your challenges. As experts in every aspect of glass fabrication we know what it takes for you – as a customer – to get the optimal result. Whatever you need, we will find a solution.

Future-ready production

Our work with glass production is characterized by solid professional knowledge combined with the latest technical possibilities. We know the physiology of the glass and we know what is needed so that you – as a customer – get the optimal result. Whatever your need, we will find a solution.

We supply a wide range of glass products, all of which are manufactured to order. At the same time, we also have one of Denmark’s most well-stocked raw material warehouses.

Would you like to know more about what Mirit Glas can do for you? Contact us and get an offer for glass production or glass processing.

Examples of cutting options and types of processing

Cutting glass:

  • Scribe Cutting
  • Diamond wheels
  • CNC cutting table
  • Water jet cutting
  • Thermal stress cutting / Thermal cracking cut

Cutting ranges from manual cuts to CNC-controlled cuts.

Glass processing:

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Leave us a message. Feel free to write a little about which industrial glass you need. Tell us what the requirements are for the glass, what size (height, width, thickness), what quantity we are talking about and what the glass should be used for.

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