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Glass tubes

Glass pipes for all industries

Mirit Glas processes glass pipes for all purposes and has one of the largest and most well-stocked warehouses of glass pipes in the Nordics

Mirit Glas is a supplier of glass tubes for everything from laboratories and industry to design companies. The pipes are mainly used for industrial processes, among other things for oil and water level glasses in ships, tanks, compressors, etc. The glass tubes make it possible to monitor the process and are therefore applicable in many different forms of production.

In design, glass tubes are used, among other things, for lighting – both for electronic lighting and for candles.

Since we only deliver to businesses, it is mainly glass tubes of borosilicate glass and and quartz glass we supply, as they are stronger and have properties that, among other things, are suitable for many industrial purposes.

We also sell glass rods.

Contact us today to find out more about glass tubes and rods as well as the glass’s potential applications.


  • Can be used for industrial processes
  • Can be used for electronic lighting and for candles
  • Can be heat processed if a special shape is desired
  • Delivered according to individual needs, e.g. with drilled holes, cutouts and special edge processing
  • Fast delivery of glass tubes from ø3 mm – ø400 mm

The technical properties and functions of the glass tubes

In stock, as standard, we have a wide selection of sizes and thicknesses in borosilicate glass (also known as Pyrex, Tempax, Simax and Duran), which means that we can deliver quickly without compromising on quality. Borosilicate glass can withstand high heat.

We stock glass tubes from ø3 mm – ø400 mm. Glass tubes and glass rods made of borosilicate glass have many different areas of application, as the glass is resistant to chemicals and temperature differences.

Borosilicate glass tubing is a strong product that has been the industry standard in many different industries. At Mirit Glas, we have extensive experience in producing and supplying glass tubes in borosilicate glass in many different designs. Our technical consultants will therefore be happy to help you find the exact glass tube that best suits your current needs. We therefore hope that you will contact us if you have any questions about glass pipes of any kind – because with our expertise in technical glass, we are among the best at finding the right solution for you.

Glass tubes and glass rods are also available in quartz- and soda lime glass (ordinary glass). We can also offer certain pipes in rectangular shapes. Quartz glass tubes are one of the most valuable tools in modern science and industry. The reason for this is that the glass tubes or rods made of quartz glass have some completely unsurpassed properties. This applies, among other things, to the transmission of light, chemical purity and heat resistance. Therefore, quartz glass tubes are most often used in environments where work is done under high temperatures or in companies that work with advanced technology, where chemical purity is essential, or when UV light must be transmitted. For that type of purpose – and many more – we have the opportunity to manufacture glass tubes, rods and other demanding glass products in quartz glass in the measurements and quantities you need.

Special adaptation of glass tubes

We supply glass pipes and glass rods according to individual needs, e.g. with drilled holes, cutouts and special edge processing. Pipes and rods can be heat-worked if a special shape is desired.

Mirit Glas delivers throughout Scandinavia and when it is urgent, we also offer same-day delivery. If you want to hear more about how our glass tubes and glass rods can be the right solution for you, please feel free to contact us. Then we will find the right solution for your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you!

We have the glass to bring your ideas to life

Leave us a message. Feel free to write a little about which industrial glass you need. Tell us what the requirements are for the glass, what size (height, width, thickness), what quantity we are talking about and what the glass should be used for.

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