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Mirit Glas is far more than just a normal glass supplier. We manufacture to order and have been capable of selling processing and delivering a wide range of glass products solutions since 1952. Whether it is glass for medico, design, lighting, offshore or glass for other technical purposes, Mirit Glas is your preferred glass partner. Versatility has made us the industry’s favorite glass manufacturer in the glass industry for decades. At the same time, we have Denmark’s most well-assorted selection of raw materials within glass products in stock.

We have a clear mission: Mirit Glas must offer an efficient, fast and accurate method of delivering glass to business customers. We service all customers, large and small. As experts in our field, we are able to offer urgent delivery, advice, and all cutting sizes. Our core competence is to supply glass in small sizes with low tolerances. And we deliver to the whole of the Nordic region.

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Selling industrial glass through generations

Tradition, technology and knowledge define Mirit Glass. We know how to serve our customers based on solid knowledge, great commitment and great knowledge of the market. For seven decades and three generations, Mirit Glas has supplied industrial glass to various companies and businesses. Today, we are not only the first company in Denmark to harden glass, but also the only company in the Nordic region to master how to manufacture chemically tempered glass.

Anchored in Denmark, but Nordic in the heart. Mirit Glas is headquartered just outside Copenhagen in Herlev and our production facilities are located in Vojens in southern Jutland. Family-owned Mirit Glas has more than 1500 square meters of production premises, where we manufacture and process many different types of industrial glass, such as duran glass, float glass, quartz glass, saphire glass and more.

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Everything in industrial glass solutions

Whether it is a sight glass for the offshore industry or an elegant hygienic protective screen for care workers and other front-line employees Mirit Glas can help. We have the knowledge, craftmanship and technology to custom-fabricate individual and glass solutions that meet customer requirements. Fabricating special glass in small dimensions with low tolerances is our core competence, that is why we have customers who prefer us as their supplier. It could be glass used in tools or applications working under demanding environments and harsh conditions or very small precise cuts of glass with a perfect fit. We use our many years of experience and unique know-how of glass to create innovative products and services within business glass solutions and industrial glass. We have a position as a knowledge center that allows us to provide companies with expert advice and create solutions that are specifically developed and manufactured for specific needs. Our knowledge is practically based. We are not intimidated by having to supply a specially cut electric heating window to be used to heat a truck to work north of the Arctic Circle. We embrace this task with equal enthusiasm as delivering specially processed borosilicate glass for use in a laboratory.

We are at our best when we use our craftsmanship to create innovative products whether it is a custom made quartz glass used in an UV-light Sanitizing solution or a low-iron lighting glass to be used in a small batch of designer lamps. Mirit Glas have been first mover in the Nordics introducing tempered glass and chemically tempered glass. In fabricating thin displays for touch screens we combine our expertise in working with a glass thickness less than a millimeter with our ability to handle the chemical tempering process. Entering into a personal dialogue with our customers often results in the best collaboration. We are motivated by challenging special tasks where we can use our craft and extensive knowledge of technical niche products – supported by our extensive stock of in-demand raw glass . Often our solutions are based on both our scientific understanding of a complex and versatile material as well as our practically ability to process the material to perfection.

We always make sure to scrutinize your needs in order to meet your requirements and present you with the appropriate solution with the optimal choice of glass type and processing. We are always looking forward to new challenges and collaborations, where we can put our professionalism in glass in use to make a significant difference to your company. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about glass of any kind; we are always ready to share our dedicated knowledge with you.

We keep our promises

Our many years of experience with urgent deliveries, enables us to deliver industrial glass on time. We deliver the agreed solution, at the agreed price and at the agreed time.

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