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Glass rods

Glass rods and glass sticks for design and special solutions

There is a difference between glass tubes and glass rods. Mirit Glas supplies glass rods for design and industry. We have a versatile and perhaps the most well-stocked stock of glass rods in the Nordics, which we also process according to the customer’s needs.

Glass rods are a variant of glass that is mostly used for design. There may also be special conditions that make glass rods ideal for solving a problem in industry. Sometimes it can be that a glass rod is more suitable for solving a problem than, for example, a glass tube, which is also often used for lighting and design.

Our stock is focused on glass rods in solid borosilicate glass from ø3 to ø30. Borosilicate glass, with its temperature resistance and resistance to chemicals, is an ideal and versatile glass to use in industry.

In some cases, such as when it comes to special UV solutions, it makes sense to use glass rods in quartz glass.

It is mainly when it comes to lighting that there is a demand for glass rods or glass rods.

We have supplied glass rods for solutions where they are included in everything from lighting solutions to kitchens and heating systems

If glass rods are the right solution for you. So contact us today to find out more about the uses of glass rods.

Glass rods and glass sticks for business only

We primarily work with glass rods in borosilicate glass and occasionally quartz glass. These are glass types that are suitable for business solutions.

Borosilicate glass is temperature resistant. In practice, this means that the glass can withstand large temperature fluctuations. It also withstands harsh chemicals and is more scratch resistant than regular glass. In environments where, for example, cleaning is done with strong detergents, it is therefore practical to use borosilicate glass. This also applies to other environments where the glass is exposed to chemistry, heat/cold or is at risk of being scratched too quickly.

Read more about our glass raw materials here.

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