Bent glass

Manufacture of bent glass or curved glass and bent tempered glass requires that both technique and equipment are in order

Bending glass involves heating up to 600 degrees Celsius. The high temperature is sufficient to soften the glass to a condition where you can bend it. Using gravity or mechanical pressure we can pull the glass into the desired shape.  Curved glass can be turned into a safety glass. This can be achieved by laminating two pieces of glass together. For an even stronger solution you can temper glass. Tempering is the way to obtain greater strength.

Mirit Glas is among a group of specialized Curved glass manufacturers. We can handle fabrication of curved glass, curved tempered glass and curved tempered/laminated glass both as a single piece, as well as in a batch fabrication.

Typically, tempered glass is used as side windows in buses, windows in trucks, construction machinery, ship windows, lighting industry, and in other constructions where a special window solutions is needed such as glass counters and displays.

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Buet og hærdet glas – til erhverv og industri

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It is our core competence to understand the specific need of our customers and translate this into solutions. Most bend glass manufacturers focus on one single industry. We are diverse. With our solid knowledge of the glass as a material, our commitment and knowledge of the market, we are an innovative and creative sparring partner who, together with our customers, finds the optimal solutions.

We need the following measurements to be able to calculate the glass:

L Length (Height/width) and T glass thickness
Either K Chords and R Radius, K Chords and P Bending Depth or R Radius and Vᵒ Angle in degrees

About bent glass

For many types of industries curved or bent tempered glass is an interesting solution . Thanks to the continuous research in the field, it is today possible to work and shape glass in a way that was not possible just a few decades ago.

We can manufacture specially designed solutions in curved and bent glass that offers new creative possibilities in product design and other business applications. Beyond being bent into a shape one of the advantages of curved glass that you can apply further properties to the glass making the glass useful in more applications. As an example bent glass be tempered and laminated making it a safety glass.

When a bent, tempered glass breaks, it is next to harmless to humans. This is because the glass fragments from curved tempered glass are not sharp compared to other types of glass. And in some cases, the fragments are also held together by a laminate if you choose to laminate the glass. These properties are the reason why curved glass often is used in applikations where there are people close by and where safety is a high priority.

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