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Tempered glass

Tempered glass is a strong solution – When safety matters

Mirit Glas fabricates tempered glass for all purposes and supplies to various industries and companies using safety glass.
Tempered glass can be used for many different purposes. The common denominator is a requirement for a glass solution requiring higher resistance to temperature and a greater strength than normal glass. In addition, the tempered glass fractures into harmless glass pieces in the rare occasions of breakage, as the glass will granulate in small dull granules.

Mirit Glas has the ability to toughen glass from 3 mm in thickness to 25 mm.

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  • High resistance to pressure and impact
  • Withstands temperature differences up to approx. 250 degrees
  • Harmless shards of glass in case of breakage, as the glass granulates into small dull granules
  • Often used for safety glass

High breaking strength

Mirit Glas was the first Danish company to manufacture tempered glass in Denmark, and we are still among the leading experts in the field. Today, Mirit Glas also offers, as the only company in the Nordic region, chemically tempered glass from our own production facility

Tempered glass has a strength many times stronger than ordinary glass, e.g. 5 mm tempered glass has the same breaking strength as 12 mm untreated glass. The glass is significantly more vulnerable to stretch than pressure,. As the glass is prestressed with compressive stresses in the surface, the critical point for tensile stresses is postponed, and thus requires greater pressure than normal glass to destroy the glass.

High security

Crushed tempered glass granulates it into small harmless pieces. Making it useable as a safety glass in places where crushing ordinary glass will pose a danger to persons. In addition, penetration or scattering of glass granules can be prevented by laminating 2 pieces of tempered glass together. After breaking, the laminate will hold the glass pieces together as one cohesive unit.

Glass with thermal resistance

The glass can withstand temperature differences up to approx. 250°C making it particularly suitable in cases where ordinary glass cracks due to unequal temperatures. Ordinary glass can only withstand temperature differences up to approx. 40 degrees.
Mirit Glas also supplies glass types that can withstand even higher temperature differences than 250°C.

The tempering process

All processing of the glass, such as cutting, hole drilling, cutting for fittings and edge machining, is done before the tempering process, as tempered glass cannot be processed further after being tempered.

During the tempering process, the glass is exposed to very strong influences. First, the glass is heated to approx. 660 ° C and then rapid cooled with air. This cools the surface faster than the core, and permanent compressive stresses occur in the surface and tensile stresses in the glass core. That the glass is hardened can be seen by looking at it in polarized light, where you will discover dark, shady spots or lines stretching across its surface.

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