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Food contact material

Food contact material (FCM) – When glass meets food

Mirit Glas can with the FCM approval supply glass to food producing companies. Danish requirements are stricter than the requirements from the EU. When it comes to glass and ceramic products there is a focus on the contamination of Cadmium and lead.

Apart from crystal glass, it is not a problem for most types of glass. Nevertheless, Mirit Glas is aware that work is being done to make the requirements even stricter. As a responsible partner with food-producing companies, Mirit Glas focuses on being a credible supplier to our customers.

Mirit Glas is a supplier of custom-made glass and when it is urgent, we also offer same-day delivery.

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Glass solutions for food contact

Mirit Glas supplies many different glass solutions where food is stored behind the glass. Sight glass solutions for food contact is one of our core competences. We have supplied glass used in monitoring juice production. We also supply safety glass and shielding glass for food processing machines.

A good example on how we work is our partnership with Empirical Spirits. In order to produce their highly specialized products, Empirical Spirits have custom-built their machinery and processing facilities in order to use hybrid fermentation techniques and low-temperature distillation. It is important for Empirical Spirits to be able to monitor their production in many stages to ensure quality. The solution was that Mirit Glas stepped in as a consultant and supplier.

It is essential to us that we can accommodate established standards. When our sight glass is made from ordinary glass, the sight glass is stamped in accordance with DIN 8902 or DIN 8903. When the sight glass is made from Borosilicate, the sight glass is stamped in accordance with DIN 7081 or DIN 7080. These sight glass solutions are made for the industry. For us, it is a natural step that we have obtained an FCM approval. It is an additional commitment to ensure the quality of our solutions.

Declaration Of Compliance – Food Contact Material

For deliveries of food contact materials, the order will contain a certificate “Declaration Of Compliance – Food Contact Material”. This certificate contains raw glass ID information to the customer about the raw glass used, so that full traceability is ensured, which is required of food contact materials.

To ensure this traceability, customers must note where the products from Mirit Glas A / S have been used, so that Commodity ID numbers can be provided in the event of complaints. It is therefore important that the issued certificates are carefully stored.

Below is a copy of the inspection report from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration – the latest inspection report can be downloaded here.

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