Safety glass

Safety glass – The tough product used for protection

Mirit Glas supplies safety glass and protective glass to businesses

Glass safety is an issue in all places where people would otherwise be injured if the glass breaks. Safety glass is used, for example, in cars, machines, walls, trucks and doors. It can also be used for other forms of shielding, where glass is used for protection. In addition, laminated glass can also be used to keep unwanted elements out because the glass is very strong and resistant.

Mirit Glas supplies three types of safety glass; tempered glass, laminated glass and tempered laminated glass. You can read more about the differences between the three types of glass below.

Properties of safety glass

  • Used as protective glass
  • Reduced risk of personal danger in case of shattering
  • Very resistant
  • Can be used for bulletproof glass
  • Sound-insulating effect
  • Blocks 99% of the sun’s UV rays
sikkerhetsglass til industrien

Tempered safety glass

Protective glass can, among other things, be manufactured as tempered glass. Tempered glass is four to six times stronger than ordinary glass and granulates into small pieces by breakage. It is the granulating that categorizes tempered glass as a safety glass. Crushing ordinary glass will cause danger to persons.

Non-tempered glass is significantly more vulnerable to tensile stress than pressure, and the glass most often cracks from the surface. But that is not the case with tempered glass. It is prestressed with compressive stresses in the surface making it more resistant towards tensile stress. The tempered glass can withstand more pressure before the glass is destroyed. You can read more about tempered glass here.

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Laminated safety glass

Safety glass can also be fabricated using laminated glass. Laminated glass breaks like ordinary glass – but due to the lamination, the pieces stick together instead of flying to all sides. It is this property that turns laminated glass into protective glass.

Ordinary laminated glass consists of two pieces of glass with typically 0.38 mm foil in between, which hold the glass pieces together. Laminated glass is available as standard sheets in different thicknesses, but you can also foil laminate two cut pieces of glass together. It is possible to place more foils between the glasses and thereby further strengthen the glass. You can increase the number of both glass pieces and foils. This method used to make bulletproof glass. The laminate used for ordinary laminated glass can withstand up to approx. 70 °C.

Finally, laminated glass has a sound-insulating effect and blocks 99% of the sun’s UV rays.

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Toughened laminated glass

To achieve the strongest safety solution, combine the two types of safety glass and make a glass that is both tempered and laminated. This tempered laminated glass has all the best properties from the other two types of glass: The glass itself is strengthened by the tempering and the laminate ensures that the glass still sticks together when it granulates.

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