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Display glass

Display glass for electronic screens and touch screens – with and without anti-reflective surfaces

Whether it is for industrial machines, tablets, touch displays, info signs or navigation screens for ships, Mirit Glas has the competence to manufacture the right display glass.
Mirit Glass har special expertise in making ultra-thin glass extremely strong and flexible, which makes it achievable to use glass instead of plastic in solutions that demand a thin cover. Using ultrathin glass you obtain both an increased durability and a more scratch resistant surface, which can be cleaned with strong detergents without fading over time. And on top of this the glass can endure temperatures up to 250°C

We understand glass solutions for all types of digital signage. A core value of our business is that we listen to our customer’s needs. We have experience in fabrication of the right display glass that meet your requirements. We have access to a wide range of glass types and therefore we can find the glass best suited glass for our customer’s solution.

A very special competence is chemically tempered glass. As the only one fabricator in the Nordic region, Mirit Glas produces chemically tempered glass down to 0.55 mm in thickness (Kemirit ©) and up. We also offer thermally tempered glass from 3 mm and up.

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Display glass is used in many industries

Glass is playing an ever-increasing role in digital signage solutions – both as elements inside and outside.

Display glass is used in many sectors, including electronics, medicine, transport (cars, boats, ships, planes), health and education.

Display glass is versatile, as it both can be incorporated into a new design or it can be mounted in front of existing plastic screens. Display glass is useable both in new development and improving an existing design in order to improve performance, strength or safety in relation to the use of ordinary glass or plastic.
Whether it is LED signage or other electronic signages, the properties of glass, can add security to the digital display signage solution.
Display glass is also called display panel glass, cover glass, protective glass for screen, instrument glass, screen glass, glass for touch screen, touchscreen glass, anti-reflection glass etc.

Display glass is typically used to protect electronics behind. For example:

  • Digital signage like: Orientation screens, info stands, info screens
  • Computer monitors and tablets
  • Security machines, as identification cameras for face recognition or handprint scanners
  • Industrial machines, such as modern combine harvesters, which have protective glass in front of their cameras
  • Navigation screens for navigation systems on boats and ships

Many good qualities

Longer durability
Far tougher than plastic solutions and is often used instead of plastic. Plastic does not withstand strong cleaning agents, plastic gets scratched more easily, and does not withstand heat and becomes ‘crispy’ over time.

Flexible and bendable
Ordinary glass has a bending strength of 40 MPa. Tempered glass has a bending strength of 120 MPa. With chemical tempering we can achieve bending strengths above 650 MPa. See demonstration.

Good transmission and color reproduction
Special processing can give the glass anti-reflective properties and other properties that may be desired. Mirit Glas has both coated (anti-reflective) and surface-etched (anti-glare) raw materials in stock – both with high light transmission and precise color reproduction.

The glass responds effectively to pressure or touch.

Withstands high temperatures
Withstands up to 250 ° temperature differences.

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