Protective glass – laser welding

Protective glass for laser welding

This glass can be used as protective glass in front of the laser lens for laser welding – protect the laser lens with a filter glass from Mirit Glas.
Mirit Glas manufactures protective glass in individual sizes for laser welding. Our filter glass for laser welding is optimized for 1064nm and can withstand a power up to 900 Watt, but we can also supply protective glass for other wavelength and higher powers

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Properties of the glass

A clean laser lens is imperative for the laser welding machine to work properly. Over time the protective lenses will be covered with dirt. Some of the dirt can be washed off, while others – such as welding splashes – burn into the glass. This reduces the efficiency of the laser over time. To prevent this it is wise to replace the protective lens on a regular basis.

The photo below shows a protective glass for laser welding. The glass will have a faint color reflection from the coating applied to the glass to optimize the transmission of the laser light at 1064 nm.

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