Lighting glass

Lighting glass – crowning design with functionallity

At Mirit Glas, we have extensive experience in helping engineers, designers and architects create lighting solutions. Mirit Glas are experts in glass solutions for lighting. Not only do we supply lamp glass and lighting glass to both small and large lamp manufacturers in Denmark and abroad. We also assist with special orders where special lighting solutions must be made. This can be, for example, restoration of old theaters, unique light glass for unique architecture or other solutions where standard glass does not work. Knowledge and advice is a key part of our offering.

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  • Stained glass / Coloured glass
  • Diffused glass /frosted glass
  • High transmission glass
  • Heat resistant glass  /Glass that can withstand high temperature changes
  • Lighting glass approved as Food contact material
  • Filtering of wavelengths
  • Coated glass
  • Mouth blown glass

Examples of lighting glass & lamp glass from Mirit Glas:

Diffused or coloured glass

Whether to choose diffused or coloured glass can be a question of style or functionality. When it comes to a field such as the agricultural sector, diffused glass is a functional choice. On the other hand coloured glass can, for example, be a design choice that gives a special atmosphere in a shop or an exhibition.

There are different types of colored glass, and if a special color is desired, it is possible to print the glass with a semi-transparent color.

High transmission in lighting glass

The glass protects the light source and prevents accidental contact while allowing maximum transmission of visible light.

Tempering of lighting glass

Tempered glass is a good choice when safety is a priority. Tempered glass also withstands large temperature differences and is significantly stronger than normal not tempered glass.

Filtering of wavelengths

Processing of the glass with the purpose of either limiting or stopping certain wavelengths of light. For example when you apply a filter to block the UV rays, it prevents materials from fading or food from spoiling too quickly.

In addition to UV filtering glass coating can be used to dim or highlight wavelengths to emphasize specific colors

Mouth blown glass

When the task requires the use of mouth blown glass we have a palette of options. At Mirit Glass we collaborate with various close partners to deliver mouth blown glass solution. Depending on the task, we choose the most suitable partner.

Conductive Coating / electrically Heated Glass

In connection with the current replacement of incandescent bulbs with LED light sources, especially in outdoor lighting, there may be periods when ice, snow, dew and the like will affect the permeability of light. This problem can be addressed by using Electrically Heated Glass / heat glass made with coated glass.

The right solution for the task

Lighting glass can be viewed in the context of design and in the context of function. Mirit Glas can supply all types of specialized lighting glass and lamp glass, and it is our priority to make sure we find the right solution in order to provide the desired end product

If the requirement for the lighting glass is beyond just the stylistic design, we provide a number of different options. Naturally Mirit Glas provides professional advice to the costumer to ensure that we in collaboration finds the right solution.

Want to know more about how this type of glass can be the right solution for you, we are happy to take your call.

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