Lead glass

The material that protects against radioactive radiation

The main attribute of lead glass is the ability to shield against radiation. Glass containing lead is often used as protective shielding against X-rays, among other places in dental clinics.
The glass is especially useful when you need to observe processes which involves radiation.

As standard, we can supply protective lead glass in thicknesses up to 11-13 mm with a lead equivalent of 3.5 mm at an X-ray voltage of 150 kV. If thicker glass is desired, this is done on special order, and a longer time of delivery must be expected.

Lead glass can be processed to size with various holes and shapes. The glass cannot be tempered – neither chemically nor thermally. However, it is possible to laminate the glass and make it a safety glass.

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Facts about Lead Glass

  • protects against radioactive radiation
  • Slight yellowish tint (depending on the thickness of the glass)
  • Can be cut to size
  • Can be used as safety glass using lamination
  • Fast delivery on thickness up to 13 mm

Properties and functions

Glass containing lead shields against radiation. Depending on the thickness of the raw glass, different levels of protection can be achieved.

Lead glass contains approx. 48% lead. The glass is transparent, but has a faint yellowish tone that increases with the thickness of the glass. The thicker the glass, the less transparency in the glass.

The glass’s ability to protect from radiation is called “lead equivalence” and refers to the thickness of a lead plate with equivalent protection. The higher the lead equivalent, the more protection. The lead equivalent is affected by the voltage on the X-rays, so it may be necessary to increase the thickness of the glass to achieve the desired protection.

For example, a lead glass with a thickness of 7-8.5 mm will have a lead equivalent of 2.1 mm at an X-ray voltage of 150 kV. If the voltage is increased, the lead equivalent decreases.

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