Duran glass

Duran Glass has high chemical resistance and high thermal capacity

In the market for glassware for laboratory, Borosilicate glass is the preferred choice. Brand names like Duran and Pyrex are other names for borosilicate glass. One of the reason is, that in the field of chemical glassware borosilicate glass has a number of desirable properties.

Duran is mostly known to be used for laboratory glass. Mirit Glass can supply glass solutions where Duran is the obvious choice.

Invented by Schott

Borosilicate glass was invented by the German chemist Friedrich Otto Schott in the German city Jena in 1887. In more ways than one, this was historic glass moment. Schott’s partners were Carl Zeiss and Dr. Ernst Abbe, who founded his company with in 1884.

Together the three revolutionized both optical theory and fabrication of glass. Their mutual company is today known as Carl Zeiss AG, while the company who today bears the name of Friedrich Otto Schott, SCHOTT, was established by his son and some of the company’s scientists after World War II. The company named after Zeiss was nationalized in East Germany.
Duran is the trademark the company created for their borosilicate glass product.

Borosilikate glass

Mirit Glas sells DURAN and borosilicate glass in many varieties. In addition to laboratory equipment, borosilicate glass is often chosen as the solution in situations where a sight glass is needed that can withstand sudden temperature changes.

Duran-glass, borosilikatglas, Pyrex, Tempax, Simax

Characteristics of Duran

  • resistant to harsh chemicals
  • excellent transmission properties
  • ressistant to thermal shock
  • high thermal capacity
  • transparency in the visible and infrared range
  • strong electrical insulator
  • resistance to scratches
  • easy-to-clean smooth surface

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