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Technical glass

Technical glass is more than meets the eye

Technical glass is glass with special properties. During processing, ordinary glass can acquire properties that either have great safety significance or has a function who serves as the completion of a special application or design.

Mirit Glas specializes in glass processing, and together with our well-stocked raw material warehouse of technical glass, this means that we can always find a solution for our customers.

Contact Mirit Glas, and we will find the right glass and the appropriate processing, so you get the technical glass you need.

We will find the right solution for you

When we help our customers find the right solution, we assess, based on the usage specification, which features are needed:

Mechanical and Optical properties of technical glass

The strength and flexibility of the glass can be increased by tempering(see possibly tempered glass and chemically tempered glass)

Transmission of wavelengths. It can be both blocking and highlighting. Including IR and UV wavelengths, anti-reflective glass, specially ground glass or glass to attenuate radioactive rays as lead glass, for example, does.

Chemical and electrical properties

What the glass must be able to withstand e.g. strong chemicals.

Most types of glass can be used as electrical insulators, and with certain coatings you can also use the glass as an electrical conductor.

Many options

There are many options within technical glass. For example.:

  • Quartz glass
  • Anti-reflective glass with coated surface or ultra-fine broken surface
  • Ultra thin / thick glass
  • Instrument glass
  • Coloured glass
  • Display glass

These types of glass raw material Mirit Glas has as a fixed shelf item in our warehouse. Read more about our glass raw materials here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

We have the glass to bring your ideas to life

Leave us a message. Feel free to write a little about which industrial glass you need. Tell us what the requirements are for the glass, what size (height, width, thickness), what quantity we are talking about and what the glass should be used for.

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