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Laminated glass

Laminated glass has many properties

Laminated glass is often used for glass solutions, where the glass must have extra properties. It can be safety glass in a production, sight glass that must have different properties on each side of the glass or glass that has sound-insulating properties.

Mirit Glas manufactures laminated glass, which is adapted to our customers’ needs and wishes. That is why we deliver to many different professional solutions. It can be laminated glass to be used as safety glass in a production. Or it can be a laminated glass with inlaid heat, which makes it possible to see a process with large temperature differences.

We can produce laminated glass that is adapted to the customer’s solution. We make glass for both prototypes and in larger series productions. Our customers come from a wide range of industries. We supply to the oil industry, shipyards, food companies, medical companies, architects and manufacturers of production facilities just to name a few. We also supply to small businesses that need just a single glass or two.

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To glasplader lamineres sammen ved hjælp af vakuum.
To glasplader lamineres sammen ved hjælp af vakuum.


Laminated glass consists of two or more layers of glass, which are joined together with intermediate layers of a foil.

The foil is typically 0.38 mm or 0.76 mm thick, but the individual glass and foil layers can have varying thicknesses depending on the requirements for the finished glass construction, just as the individual glass layers can be different from technical glass such as borosilicate glass and chemically tempered glass. to more common as float glass and tempered glass. It is also possible to laminate curved glass.

It is also possible to place colored foils or foils with structure between the glasses to achieve an effect.

The advantage of laminated glass are many, if the glass breaks it will stick together and can because of that be categorized as safety glass even if it is not tempered glass the construction consists of. Laminated glass is generally also very UV inhibiting and can therefore also be used in front of areas where you do not want UV light.

Glass with properties

Laminated glass is often used in safety glass because when laminated glass breaks, it is held together. This can be seen in the windshield of car windows, where the glass, if the glass breaks, is held together by the laminate. In some cases, several glasses are laminated together to make the glass extra strong. In fact, the process of putting several layers of glass and in some cases plastic together is the method used when making bulletproof windows.

Harsh environments

Laminated glass is often used when the glass needs to be bent under harsh or extreme conditions. Windows for trucks are an example. It can be trucks or work machines that work in extremely cool conditions that need a heated window to avoid dew, while the window is a safety glass
Also in production contexts, laminated glass is often used as a solution. This can be if you want to monitor a production where the glass on the one hand, for example, must be able to protect against chemicals, while the lamination ensures that the glass is strong and does not shatter.

Laminated glass can be customized

In some situations, a flat glass is not enough. We can also supply curved laminated glass, which is typically used for machine screens and special panes.
Both ordinary tempered glass and chemically tempered glass are often laminated to give the glass extra properties. An example is that laminated glass can be used when we would like to be able to monitor UV solutions without being exposed to the harmful UV radiation. Where quartz glass is perfect for letting UV light pass, laminated glass can filter out UV light.
We also make very thin chemically tempered glass, which if laminated together can be safety approved. Here the possibilities are many, both as very thin safe glass for monitors such as display glass, all the way over to laminate lead glass together so that it becomes a safety glass that can shield against radioactive rays
Laminated glass is not just for safety. Lamination can also give tones and texture to a glass. (see further up in the text)
Last but not least, you can also use lamination to protect electronics by laminating electrical protective nets in between two or more pieces of glass, and thereby achieve EMC protection

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