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Hygienic protective screen

Is your company lacking protection against coronavirus (covid19)?

In the office, clinic, or reception, we still need protection and distance. At Mirit Glas, we have designed an elegant and long-lasting Hygienic protective screen. The protective screen is specially designed and manufactured to reduce the spread of coronavirus (covid19). It protects you and your employees so that you can work together safely and securely in the workplace.
The protective screen is placed freestanding and can be moved around as needed. Sold only to companies (B2B).

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Properties of the glass:

  • 2 pcs. 3mm float glass (curved and laminated together) making the glass a safety glass.
  • Standard size: 900mm wide and 600mm high (Can be ordered and manufactured according to special measurements).
  • Weight 8.1kg
  • The protective screen comes with 2 loose feet, which you can easily mount without tools. The feet are cut in clear glass and measures 15 cm on each side of the screen.
  • Glass stays neat for a long time and does not fade with time.

Why choose a hygienic glass protective screen?

Our glass solution consists of more than 80% sand and other recyclable raw materials, making it a more sustainable and long-lasting solution. This is precisely one of the recommendations the Danish Health Authority makes in relation to the choice of protective equipment against Coronavirus (covid19).

Unlike plastic solutions, glass can withstand alcohol, strong detergents and UV light without being damaged. The hygienic protective screen can be easily cleaned without the screen getting scratched and fading over time. Plexiglas, on the other hand, fades over time and has easier scratches, which can hide bacteria that are difficult to remove. By choosing glass, you get a very hygienic solution that lasts for a long time. Furthermore glass is fire retardant.

Watch our video to better understand how the screen works.

Safe hygienic protection screen for your employees

The elegant hygienic protective screen in glass can be used anywhere in the office, the meeting room, the front desk or wherever it is necessary to protect one’s employees against coronavirus (covid19). This protective screen not only protects against the spread of infection and bacteria, but also reminds your employees to keep their distance.

The protective screen is distinguished by the fact that a conversation easily passes through the glass plate, at the same time as the direct air flow between the customer and the employee is slowed down. For employees, this means they will feel safer when serving many customers and citizens in one day.


Laminated safety glass

This safety glass is produced with laminated glass. There are 2 pcs. (3mm float glass) curved and laminated together. Laminated glass is usually broken like ordinary glass, but due to the laminate, the pieces continue to stick together instead of flying to all sides. This property turns laminated glass into protective glass.

Elegant and stylish protective screen

The curved glass on the protection screen itself looks elegant and stylish, and works well as part of the decor in an office environment. Plexiglas can quickly look out of place and cheaply in some nice surroundings, and as mentioned is also quickly scratched by regular cleaning.

It is a beautiful simple solution that provides safety and security, without muting the sound when communicating with each other on each side. Our position is that security does not necessarily have to be ugly. For us, it has been important to create an elegant solution that also provides security against coronavirus (covid19).

In the boardroom, at the clinic or in the store…

The hygienic protective screen from Mirit Glas can be used in many different places. The screen has an elegant and simple design, and can easily stand as a fixed element on the table in the meeting room or in the reception in front of the receptionist. The feet don’t take up much space on tables or on counters, as they only take up 15 cm on each side of the screen.

When the protective screen is to be set up, it is recommended that the workplace reviews its processes in relation to specific customer services. In what situations is there close contact between employee and customers? And where do these conversations take place in the workplace?

It is recommended that all initial contact be made at a distance, and the inevitable close contact be reduced in time and scope, as well as interrupted when no longer needed.

Danish, modern and family owned

Mirit Glas is a 100% privately owned company, and was established as Denmark’s first glass tempering plant in 1952. Today we have our head office in Copenhagen and production in Southern Jutland.

Our experience is extensive making us capable of developing both small and large solutions. We have spent many years developing our craftmanship, and the better knowledge we have of the craft, the better opportunities we have to be able to advise on product development. In our opinion there is a solution for everything, as long as we keep thinking differently and are creative. It is also one of the reasons why we have designed a nice, simple and modern solution against coronavirus (covid-19).

In our production we use fully automatic CNC-controlled machines. Of course always in respect of ourcraftmanship. We know the physiology and uses of glass. It is the craftsmanship tradition, the competencies and the experiences that have given Mirit Glas its reputation as the preferred subcontractor of individual glass solutions to the professional market for three generations.

This protective screen is made with minimization of infection in mind. The first screens were delivered to Haderslev municipality and have been an immediate success.

Prices and delivery

Prices from 2595 DKK (without VAT). Ask about delivery price for your destination. We deliver the protective screens unassembled. First time you set it up, it’s a good idea to be two people so that the two feet are standing at the right angle.

If the format does not suit your task, please contact us for further information.

Do you want to know more? Call +45 44 94 44 49 and talk to our skilled consultants.

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