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Electrical heated windows

Eletrical heated windows are the solution when ice or condensation disturbs the view

Mirit Glas supplies electrical heated windows and electrically heated glass to process industries, as well as the transport sector. We can fabricate a complete heating window according to a drawing or a model of the glass. We also master building heating window onto an existing window.

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Sectors such as the train industry, the shipping industry, today use heating windows. Trucks that operate in and out in cold and warm conditions, can benefit from an heated window, to avoid condense.

As well electric heating a sight glass is relevant as an industrial solution. In a factory environment temperature differences can cause condensation on the inside of a sight glass. Using an electric heated sight glass can solve the problem.

The electrical heated window can be built of various materials including ordinary or tempered glasscurved glass and colored glass. Furthermore, it is possible to color the laminate and thereby change the color of the pane. Here you can read more about tempered glass. Here you can read more about curved glass.

Heating windows are electrically heated (hence the term electric windows or electric heating windows). The heating windows are fabricated / made by laminating 2 pieces of glass together. In the laminate, between the 2 pieces, the heating wires that heat the window and ensure a clear view despite ice and condensation, are placed. Mirit Glas can offer voltages of 6, 12, 24 or 48 volts.
It is also possible to have wires built in the laminate, making the wires almost invisible, but this solution requires larger volume.

The photo below shows an electric heating window built with 2 layers of tempered glass and 0.76 mm. laminate.

Heating window with current-conducting coated glass

Mirit Glas has developed an alternative type of heating window that uses conductive coated glass instead of heating wires. By using coated glass for electrical heated windows, there are no visually distracting areas, which otherwise is the case with heating panes with wires. On the other hand, the light transmission in this type of heating window is slightly lower than in traditional float glass.

The area of application for heating windows with coated glass will in principle be the same as for heating windows with wires, but every solution must be assessed technically at Mirit Glas to find the optimal solution. When assessing the solution, both the voltage source (number of volts available), the desired power (number of watts desired to be supplied by the heating window) and any requirements concerning the visual quality in the heating window must be taken into account.

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