Barrier Glass Plug

Offshore glass with extraordinary properties

Glass to the maritime, oil and gas industry needs to have extraordinary properties. This is were Mirit Glas is at its best.

Technology is becoming more and more advanced. As a glass supplier to solutions who has to function in harsh maritime environments Mirit Glas has gained both knowledge and acknowledgement on how to make glass with the appropriate properties.

The solutions , like the Barrier Glass Plug, are made by skilled and innovative engineers by companies who fully understands the challenges to be taken into account when making workable solutions for, for example, the oil and gas industry.

When glass includes these advanced solutions, which must be able to work in harsh marine environments, the manufacturers of these solutions must rely on their subcontractor of glass.
For Mirit Glas, it is very important that we live up to our customers’ trust.

That is why we are ISO-certified, constantly working to ensure the quality of our production.
It is important to us that we work with customers to ensure the most optimal glass solutions that can solve their problems.

Barrier Glass Plug

Versatile business solutions

As a fabricator specializing on business and industry Mirit Glas offers many different glass solutions.

Some of our solutions are

A complete list of products can be seen here

A dedicated fabricator

We have extensive experience in supplying glass for various maritime solutions. In addition to supplying Barrier Glass Plug, we also manufacture glass for specially designed deep-water camera solutions and glass used in unique offshore installations.

At Mirit Glas we consider ourselves being a dedicated fabricator of custom made special glass for business and industry.

We are proud of both having the skills and being able to make glass for a broad variety of different uses. From glass made to be used in explosive environments (ATEX) and food processing to high temperature tolerant glass with selected properties.

Collaboration and confidentiality are core values of Mirit Glas. We like to handle each business according to their individual needs. If this means our customers find it vital to gain insight into how we manufacture their glass – we comply.

It is our philosophy that when great demands are made on the glass, demands must also be made on the collaboration. Quality does not come by itself. It requires dedication and cooperation.

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